September Top 5


  1. Back to the grind with work starting. Feels good to wear something other than yoga pants and shorts all week long.
  2. FALL IS HERE. Well, pretty much is except that there is record breaking heat in Missouri. Cue my eyes rolling. I am so ready for my first real fall (falls in Texas often consist of temps only going to 60 and trees’ leaves dying rather than changing colors).
  3. Podcasts are a lifesaver for my commute to work. Right now my favorite is definitely Real Crime Profile.
  4. Hard apple cider. I haven’t been feeling beer as much lately, but hard apple cider has definitely been hitting the spot.
  5. As a beer noob, I only recently discovered what a growler is. Makes me laugh every time. We have been able to enjoy the St. Louis craft beer scene with our new growler (hard apple cider for me).

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