Weekly Menu

One thing I have learned so far about graduate school: you are always busy.  Time is a precious commodity.  To help keep my sanity (and because I am an obsessive list maker), I have started drafting a weekly menu every Saturday.  Then I make my grocery list and shop ’til I drop on Sunday for the entire week.  It helps save time when I am come home absolutely starving at night and when I am trying to figure out what I will scarf down for lunch. Some meals will be repeats, some will be new recipes, some will be my own creations, and some will be complete disasters. But I will eat them all.

Fish “Fry”
Vegetable Stuffing and Cranberry Sauce
Chopped Salad
Blackened Fish Tacos
Linguine with Clams
Work Dinner
Football Snacks: Queso, Pretzels

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