November Top 5


  1. Thanksgiving! Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I cooked N and I a full meal  and had significantly fewer mishaps than last year. So that is a success.
  2. So we had lots and lots of leftovers. So a truly successful holiday.
  3. We also did the Turkey Trot in Denver before our big meal. Perfect weather for a turkey hat to keep me warm.
  4. 95% of my holiday shopping is done. So now I can just enjoy the holiday season.
  5. In non-holiday related news, in the middle watching Real Housewives reruns (mostly New Jersey), I finally watched Brooklyn 99 and love it. Binged all the seasons pretty quickly and now need a new show to binge

October Top 5


  1. FALL, FALL, FALL. This time of year I become pretty much 100% basic (minus pumpkin spice anything) but I love this time of year.
  2. Quincy and I do one football game a year (MSU v. Michigan), and the highlight this year was definitely the frito chili pie.
  3. We got a Costco membership a few months ago, and it is AMAZING. We went int the other day, and truly explore the store. So much stuff, and it’s hard not to buy stuff because I love a good deal.
  4. This was back in September but we went up to Estes Park for the elk’s rut/mating season, and elk were right there with us in the road. Super fun and definitely want to try and squeeze in a few hikes before it gets too cold.
  5. Being back at the blog! I have been cooking a lot but not documenting all my work, making it hard to find recipes I had done before, etc. So here we go again!


September Top 5


  1. Back to the grind with work starting. Feels good to wear something other than yoga pants and shorts all week long.
  2. FALL IS HERE. Well, pretty much is except that there is record breaking heat in Missouri. Cue my eyes rolling. I am so ready for my first real fall (falls in Texas often consist of temps only going to 60 and trees’ leaves dying rather than changing colors).
  3. Podcasts are a lifesaver for my commute to work. Right now my favorite is definitely Real Crime Profile.
  4. Hard apple cider. I haven’t been feeling beer as much lately, but hard apple cider has definitely been hitting the spot.
  5. As a beer noob, I only recently discovered what a growler is. Makes me laugh every time. We have been able to enjoy the St. Louis craft beer scene with our new growler (hard apple cider for me).

June Top 10

1. Half Christmas

I really enjoyed hosting a half-Christmas celebration with my friends this month.  A tradition started by my uncle and that I love to continue.

2. New work

I’ve started doing some different types of work with school (more practice oriented, less class work) which is incredibly more likeable than sitting in a classroom or teaching to a lecture hall full of blank faces.

3. Emojis

How did people fully express themselves before emojis? (insert emoji of brunette woman raising her hand up here)

4. Free food at happy hour

Thank you, Chuy’s, for having a free nacho bar and discounted drinks.  My wallet and I thank you heartily.

5. Diet Coke from a soda machine

You tricksy devil you.  Always tempting me now that I am trying to go caffeine-free.

6. Soda machines that let you add flavor to your soda

Oh my God.  Heaven must have these machines all over the place.  I love adding raspberry flavoring to all of my sodas.

7. Seafood

I want seafood- in and around my mouth- at all times.

8. Yoplait Greek yogurt

Yoplait, your Greek yogurt used to be somewhat gross, but now you have proved yourself to be delicious.

9. Coming back to blogging

Glad that I am back!

10. Favorite Recipe this Month: Homemade Microwave Potato Chips


March Top 10

1. Oreos

I want it alllll, and I want it now.

2. Spring Break

A benefit of still being in school.

3. Yoga Pants

I feel like my love for yoga pants occurs all throughout the year, but they deserve direct recognition of their endless comfort.

4. Going Caffeine-free…for a week

While I was on spring break I decided to go a little nuts and go off caffeine completely.  While I was sleeping great, I kept getting these mysterious headaches every afternoon.  There is not direct diagnosis, but maybe I need a little caffeine in my life.

5. Soda

While I was off caffeine, I was not giving up soda.  I’m not a crazy person: soda is my life force.

6. Buzzfeed quizzes

I know people complain about everyone posting their buzzfeed quiz results, but I love them.  Britney Spears is my 90’s pop idol, I was meant to go to the high school in Grease, that I am getting a A- in life, and that my secondary Harry Potter character is Minerva McGonagall.

7. Curb your Enthusiasm

Best show ever.

8. Sherlock

Second best show ever.

9. Warmer Weather

I am back to wearing just one pair of pants.  Freedom!!

10. Favorite Recipe this Month: Muffaletta


February Top 10

1. It’s almost spring break…

Need the break ASAP.

2. Cadbury Eggs

It is not seasonally appropriate, but I have been eating these since January.

3. Parsons Dance

My friend and I went to go see the Parsons dance performance (way to go Lubbock), and I now fantasize about myself dancing to everything.  If only I had a little more rhythm, I could actually translate this to real life.

4. Foreign Films

I have been on a foreign film kick this month.  Sometimes I just love listening to people speaking a different language- recently especially I am loving German films.

5. Wearing only 1 pair of pants

In the wintertime, I have to at least double up on pants, which makes wearings skinny jeans a little bit more uncomfortable.  Now that we have gotten some warmer weather, I have gone back to wearing just one pair of pants.  Freedom!

6. Live and Let Die

Have been listening to this on a loop recently.

7. The Mindy Project

New favorite show- binge watched the first season and a half to catch up.  And now I have to wait until April for it to come back 😦

8. True Detective

Another TV show but another great one.  Completely the opposite of The Mindy Project but so good.  Fascinating characters, and it mentions Lubbock in one of the episodes!

9. Owning Furniture

I finally paid off all my furniture I bought about 2 years ago.  Hooray adulthood!

10. Favorite Recipe this Month: Truffled Beef Sandwich


January Top 10

1. Warm Days

Although some days it’s still so bitterly cold that I would cry (if my tears wouldn’t freeze), I am enjoying some days of warmer weather.  If only the weather could be consistent- my sinuses would thank you.

2. Movie Award Season

While the ceremonies can sometimes be a little slow, I love having a huge slew of good movies to watch.  This year I really liked 12 Years a Slave, Rush, and American Hustle.

3. Happy Hour

I have forgotten how much fun it is to have a drink and laugh with friends.  Much more fun that sitting at home doing research.

4. Forensic Psychology

Yes, something work related I have actually been enjoying.  While I wouldn’t say I love doing all the work, I had forgotten how much I enjoyed learning about the legal field.  A new refreshing topic in grad school.

5. Spring Break

Is it bad that I am already looking forward to the next break? Or that I am including something on this list that won’t actually happen for another few months? This semester’s start up has been a little rough.

6. Fur Line Boots

A life safer for keeping warm!  A little bit socially unacceptable to wear out since I use them as slippers, but I have done it already and will do it again.

7. Crazy, Rich, Asians by Kevin Kwan

Really enjoyed reading this book!  An interesting look at a completely different (rich) culture.

8. Fish Tacos

I have been eating fish tacos at least once if not two or three times a week this month.  I bought a big bag of frozen tilapia (our land locked city has limited fresh seafood options), and I have been going to town!

9. Instant pudding + Cool Whip

Another food I have been loving.  Mix the Jello instant pudding with cool whip.  A lazy (wo)man’s mousse.

10. Favorite Recipe this Month: Brie en Croute


December Top 10

1. Happy Holidays

I love this time of year, spending time with family, old traditions, and lots of relaxing.  Not ready for reality to return.

2. Warmer winter weather

There were some bitterly cold days earlier this month, and I lived through my coldest temperatures yet.  For a person who runs extremely cold, I am so thankful for a little bit warmer cold weather.

3. Houston

Feels so great to be back in a big city again.  I even loved sitting in traffic jams.  For about 5 seconds, then good old city road rage kicked in.

4. Desserts

I have eaten so many desserts these past few days, but I have loved every single bite.

5. Hair growing

I got a haircut earlier this month, and it was too. short.  After some haircut tears and sadness, I have put it behind me (I can now actually tie it up again).  Thank goodness that hair grows.

6. Reading for pleasure

This summer I made a resolution to read at least 50 books for pleasure this year, and I am happy to announce it was successfully completed!  I forgot how much I enjoy reading for fun- definitely doing it again next year, and I think I will up it to 75 books next year.

7. Netflix

If I were to total the number of hours of my life I have spent watching Netflix, it may be a little scary.  But it is so wonderful to have so much stuff to watch at my fingertips.

8. Champagne

Enough said.

9. New Year’s Dinner

Tomorrow I will be hosting my third annual New Year’s Dinner.  I love cooking so hosting a meal is quite fun for me.

10. Favorite Recipe This Month:

Sachertorte: best birthday cake ever.