Appetizers & Snacks


Cheese Ball

Balsamic Black Bean Salsa

Houston Style Green Salsa

Dill Dip

Caramelized Onion Dip

Seven Layer Mediterranean Dip

Fig and Walnut Tapenade

Baked Brie en Croute



Cauliflower and Apple Soup

Roasted Potato Leek Soup

Congee: Chinese Rice Porridge


Poppy Seed Crackers

Roasted Pear with Goat Cheese

Candied Cinnamon Sugar Walnuts

Summer Rolls

Corn Cakes with Goat Cheese

Shrimp Salad

Baked Sweet Potato Fries with Barbeque Sauce


Fig and Plum Tarts


Sausage Cups

Walnut, Fig, and Blue Cheese Crackers

Oven Baked French Fries

Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Bites

Cinnamon Sugar Pull Apart Bread

Fried Squash Blossoms

Cranberry Cinnamon Sugar Candied Walnuts


Homemade Fig Newtons

Fried Sweet Potato Fries

Caramelized Onion, Mushroom, Apple Tartlet

Banana Bread

Baked Crab Rangoon

Sweet and Salty Frito Mix

Homemade Microwave Potato Chips

Olive and Pineapple Nachos

Sweet and Salty Almonds

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