July Top 5


  1. Although I feared for the maintenance of our sanity at times, we made the move from Lubbock to the St. Louis area. And Quincy didn’t get car sick once!
  2. I have had the month off (+ next month) with the lull in between grad school commitments wrapping up and internship starting, so I have been able to have some fun exploring our new area and cooking more.
  4. We got free HBO trial with our new cable package, so I actually got to catch up on Game of Thrones within a reasonable time of not getting many spoilers.
  5. This is no top moment necessarily, but I feel the need to be honest. I attempted to roast a chicken for the first time. Disaster. Under-cooked chicken, baked it upside down, and had no idea how to carve it. Was able to save the caracas for chicken stock though.

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