Where to eat in Lubbock

“I took three 25s in the side and ended up at Northshore Psychiatric Hospital in Lubbock, Texas, which is kind of funny in its own rite. Psych ward in Lubbock, Texas.”

– True Detective

Oh, Lubbock. You have (stole?) four years of my life. I won’t lie I was resistant to move there. The view flying in of empty, desolate, dusty fields is scary and may lead to an existential crisis if you are moving here, but you’ve grown on me Lubbock (enough that I proposed moving back here later in life to which the bf said wth?).

Leaving has made me nostalgic, so if you ever end up in Lubbock, here are some places to eat. And if you ever end up in a psych ward in Lubbock, they are not as bad as stated in True Detective- I’ve worked there.

Thai Pepper…surprisingly good thai food for a west Texas town

Pie bar…deconstructed pie. An ingenious invention.

And plenty of TexMex…enough said.

And In-And-Out is coming. Right as I am leaving. Sigh.

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