Cinnamon Freud is leaving Texas…

It’s been a great 26 years Texas (well, it’s been okay at least. You have saved me from having to drive in the snow and provided great Tex-Mex food, but the heat has been a bit much), but I am off to Missouri!

As the last year of my PhD program, we are required to do an internship, and with how our internship system is set up, we can end up anywhere in the country essentially (it’s like residency for med school).  So this is part of the reason for radio silence around here: the business of normal grad school + the application process. I travelled all over the U.S., going all the way to Minnesota and experiencing below 0 temps for the first time to all the way to Seattle for some overcast days. I ate a lot of really good food and learned how to eat alone (an interesting experience). And I took a lot of selfies.

So at the end of the whole process, I ended up in Missouri in the St. Louis area! So we (+ a new puppy now too) are out to Missouri. I am excited to be close to a big city again and to experience a real autumn! Close to lots of good grocery stores (hello Trader Joe’s) and lots of new restaurants to try.

So this foodie/grad student is ready to conquer more food and work to being a student no more!



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