Cake Batter Dip


There is a magical place in the panhandle of Texas.  It’s a small place, just right off a typical street, but it is where the sun is always shining  and happiness is abound.  Angels descend and brush their wings against the magical whisks and spoons of a dessert place.

One of my favorite places in town (besides my bed) is a pie bar where you basically get to eat a delicious reconstructed pie in a glass with crumbly crusts, whipped mouse fillings, and lots of toppings.  It’s magical.  It’s delicious.  I try to limit myself from walking through those doors as much as possible because once I am in, I cannot physically stop myself from chowing down.  Nor do I want to.

I have often pondered how they work their magic on that pie filling.  Now I have found a way, if purely by accident.  This cake dip is full of cake batter flavor, light, and decadent all at once.  You will fall in love with your first bite.

This dip is really as easy as it looks.  And as dangerous as it looks too- once you start, you will have a hard time stopping. Luckily, it is a little bit lighter with Greek yogurt. Plus, protein- so it’s basically a pretty good meal.

I am off to go make more of this now, please do the same.


Barely Adapted from Ari’s Menu

16 ounces Greek yogurt
12 ounces whipped cream (Cool Whip perfectly acceptable)
2 cups yellow cake mix
Sprinkles, for topping


In a bowl combine Greek yogurt, whipped cream, and cake mix.  Fold together until just combined.  Stir in sprinkles if desired.  Serve with pretzels, vanilla wafers, fruit, or Ritz crackers (my personal favorite).


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