June Top 10

1. Half Christmas

I really enjoyed hosting a half-Christmas celebration with my friends this month.  A tradition started by my uncle and that I love to continue.

2. New work

I’ve started doing some different types of work with school (more practice oriented, less class work) which is incredibly more likeable than sitting in a classroom or teaching to a lecture hall full of blank faces.

3. Emojis

How did people fully express themselves before emojis? (insert emoji of brunette woman raising her hand up here)

4. Free food at happy hour

Thank you, Chuy’s, for having a free nacho bar and discounted drinks.  My wallet and I thank you heartily.

5. Diet Coke from a soda machine

You tricksy devil you.  Always tempting me now that I am trying to go caffeine-free.

6. Soda machines that let you add flavor to your soda

Oh my God.  Heaven must have these machines all over the place.  I love adding raspberry flavoring to all of my sodas.

7. Seafood

I want seafood- in and around my mouth- at all times.

8. Yoplait Greek yogurt

Yoplait, your Greek yogurt used to be somewhat gross, but now you have proved yourself to be delicious.

9. Coming back to blogging

Glad that I am back!

10. Favorite Recipe this Month: Homemade Microwave Potato Chips


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