March Top 10

1. Oreos

I want it alllll, and I want it now.

2. Spring Break

A benefit of still being in school.

3. Yoga Pants

I feel like my love for yoga pants occurs all throughout the year, but they deserve direct recognition of their endless comfort.

4. Going Caffeine-free…for a week

While I was on spring break I decided to go a little nuts and go off caffeine completely.  While I was sleeping great, I kept getting these mysterious headaches every afternoon.  There is not direct diagnosis, but maybe I need a little caffeine in my life.

5. Soda

While I was off caffeine, I was not giving up soda.  I’m not a crazy person: soda is my life force.

6. Buzzfeed quizzes

I know people complain about everyone posting their buzzfeed quiz results, but I love them.  Britney Spears is my 90’s pop idol, I was meant to go to the high school in Grease, that I am getting a A- in life, and that my secondary Harry Potter character is Minerva McGonagall.

7. Curb your Enthusiasm

Best show ever.

8. Sherlock

Second best show ever.

9. Warmer Weather

I am back to wearing just one pair of pants.  Freedom!!

10. Favorite Recipe this Month: Muffaletta


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