February Top 10

1. It’s almost spring break…

Need the break ASAP.

2. Cadbury Eggs

It is not seasonally appropriate, but I have been eating these since January.

3. Parsons Dance

My friend and I went to go see the Parsons dance performance (way to go Lubbock), and I now fantasize about myself dancing to everything.  If only I had a little more rhythm, I could actually translate this to real life.

4. Foreign Films

I have been on a foreign film kick this month.  Sometimes I just love listening to people speaking a different language- recently especially I am loving German films.

5. Wearing only 1 pair of pants

In the wintertime, I have to at least double up on pants, which makes wearings skinny jeans a little bit more uncomfortable.  Now that we have gotten some warmer weather, I have gone back to wearing just one pair of pants.  Freedom!

6. Live and Let Die

Have been listening to this on a loop recently.

7. The Mindy Project

New favorite show- binge watched the first season and a half to catch up.  And now I have to wait until April for it to come back 😦

8. True Detective

Another TV show but another great one.  Completely the opposite of The Mindy Project but so good.  Fascinating characters, and it mentions Lubbock in one of the episodes!

9. Owning Furniture

I finally paid off all my furniture I bought about 2 years ago.  Hooray adulthood!

10. Favorite Recipe this Month: Truffled Beef Sandwich


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