Canyon Creek Burger

12-16 Canyon Creek Burger

Every now and then I get a huge hankerin’ for a good burger.  Juicy and full of red meat.

This was so good that I could only manage a hastily taken iPhone picture, but I promise you that this burger will deliver.

And I got this hankering last December- I haven’t been in the kitchen as much in this new year, but I am slowly starting to try out more new recipes and experiment.  This burger reminds me of how much delicious food can be made at home.

I saw this combo of burger toppings at Iowa Girl Eats, and I knew it would be love at first bite with me as well.  Since I love a little sweet mixed in with my savory, I was especially intrigued by the inclusion of blackberry jam (I ended up using raspberry instead- just as good!).  It definitely made for a sticky, messy burger, but it was worth every bite.  Very decadent and rich- perfect for relieving stress.

So what has stressed me recently you ask?  Well, last week I have the joy of wonder of sitting in my car, finishing up a conversation with my mom before I was about to head home to prep for a debate I had in my night class that night when I saw two college boys walking onto the street I was parked on.  “Oh my god,” I say to my mom, “Two guys are on the street setting up to hit golf balls.  These idiots decide to do this on a crowded street with lots of cars.”

Want to guess what happened next?  Well, before I could drive off from this risky activity, a golf ball comes flying through my back window, spraying glass everywhere.  Long story short (with a mix of an anger explosion and lots of obscenities), I have started to take care of the issue, but needless to say, I was quite stressed.  When I am stressed I turn to rich, fatty food.  Maybe not the healthiest option or the best coping a psychologist-in-training should use.  But that is neither here nor there.  This burger is perfect for those stressful days.  Or any day when you just want to marvel at the stupidity of people in this world.

Slightly Adapted from Iowa Girls Eats


4 hamburger patties
1 cup grated sharp cheddar cheese (or any other variety)
Vegetable oil, for coating pan
4 eggs
Salt and pepper
4 hamburger buns
Candied jalapenos
Onion, thinly sliced
Raspberry jam


Heat a large skillet (or grill) over high heat. Coat pan with oil. Sear hamburger patties, 2-4 minutes per side (depending on your preferences for hamburgers). After the second flip, sprinkle cheese on top of each burger. Cover burgers with lid and cook until cheese is melted. (Add onions to cook with hamburgers if desired.)

Heat another skillet over medium high heat. Coat pan with oil and crack eggs individually in the pan, making sure to leave enough room for each egg. Season with salt and pepper. Cook for 1-2 minutes and flip. Cook an additional minute.

Place burgers on bottom bun. Top with egg, jalapenos, and onion. Spread raspberry jam on the top bun. Place bun on top.

Makes 4 hamburgers.

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