January Top 10

1. Warm Days

Although some days it’s still so bitterly cold that I would cry (if my tears wouldn’t freeze), I am enjoying some days of warmer weather.  If only the weather could be consistent- my sinuses would thank you.

2. Movie Award Season

While the ceremonies can sometimes be a little slow, I love having a huge slew of good movies to watch.  This year I really liked 12 Years a Slave, Rush, and American Hustle.

3. Happy Hour

I have forgotten how much fun it is to have a drink and laugh with friends.  Much more fun that sitting at home doing research.

4. Forensic Psychology

Yes, something work related I have actually been enjoying.  While I wouldn’t say I love doing all the work, I had forgotten how much I enjoyed learning about the legal field.  A new refreshing topic in grad school.

5. Spring Break

Is it bad that I am already looking forward to the next break? Or that I am including something on this list that won’t actually happen for another few months? This semester’s start up has been a little rough.

6. Fur Line Boots

A life safer for keeping warm!  A little bit socially unacceptable to wear out since I use them as slippers, but I have done it already and will do it again.

7. Crazy, Rich, Asians by Kevin Kwan

Really enjoyed reading this book!  An interesting look at a completely different (rich) culture.

8. Fish Tacos

I have been eating fish tacos at least once if not two or three times a week this month.  I bought a big bag of frozen tilapia (our land locked city has limited fresh seafood options), and I have been going to town!

9. Instant pudding + Cool Whip

Another food I have been loving.  Mix the Jello instant pudding with cool whip.  A lazy (wo)man’s mousse.

10. Favorite Recipe this Month: Brie en Croute


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