December Top 10

1. Happy Holidays

I love this time of year, spending time with family, old traditions, and lots of relaxing.  Not ready for reality to return.

2. Warmer winter weather

There were some bitterly cold days earlier this month, and I lived through my coldest temperatures yet.  For a person who runs extremely cold, I am so thankful for a little bit warmer cold weather.

3. Houston

Feels so great to be back in a big city again.  I even loved sitting in traffic jams.  For about 5 seconds, then good old city road rage kicked in.

4. Desserts

I have eaten so many desserts these past few days, but I have loved every single bite.

5. Hair growing

I got a haircut earlier this month, and it was too. short.  After some haircut tears and sadness, I have put it behind me (I can now actually tie it up again).  Thank goodness that hair grows.

6. Reading for pleasure

This summer I made a resolution to read at least 50 books for pleasure this year, and I am happy to announce it was successfully completed!  I forgot how much I enjoy reading for fun- definitely doing it again next year, and I think I will up it to 75 books next year.

7. Netflix

If I were to total the number of hours of my life I have spent watching Netflix, it may be a little scary.  But it is so wonderful to have so much stuff to watch at my fingertips.

8. Champagne

Enough said.

9. New Year’s Dinner

Tomorrow I will be hosting my third annual New Year’s Dinner.  I love cooking so hosting a meal is quite fun for me.

10. Favorite Recipe This Month:

Sachertorte: best birthday cake ever.


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