November Top Ten

1. Thanksgiving

Let’s start with the obvious.  I loved eating all my Thanksgiving favorites a few days ago, and I am still loving all of these leftovers.  I’m in heaven

2. Spending time with family

So happy to be home for a little bit.  Definitely miss my family lots during the year when I live in Lubbock.

3. A big kitchen to cook in

Sometimes I forget how great it is to be able to fit more than one person in my cooking space.  And having a deep sink for dishes is wonderful.

4. Snow

Earlier this week, Lubbock had a little winter storm.  I still have mixed feelings about snow: it looks pretty but it is just so cold.   Lubbock drivers also loose all faculties as soon as some form of water falls from the sky, so I enjoy snow at home in my heated apartment.

5. Movies

Movies are starting to get good in theaters now that we are getting into the holiday season.  I have plans to see lots over the break- especially looking forward to the second part of The Hobbit.

6. Leftovers

I have to have another mention regarding Thanksgiving food on this list just because I love it so much.  I am so looking forward to leftover creations in the next few days- I have so many ideas.

7. Cranberries

I have been eating homemade cranberry sauce at every meal possible. I may have a problem.

8. No late night classes

This semester has been great, since I am done all nights by 5:00ish at the latest.  However, next semester looks like I will be having some real late nights.  Going to enjoy my early nights these last few days as much as I can.

9. Friends

I have been having some great times with friend recently, and I realized I had forgotten how much fun it can be just to laugh and have fun.  Novel idea, right? Really don’t think I would be able to survive this life we lead without them.

10. Favorite Recipe of the Month

Mom’s Gravy and Turkey Stuffing

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