October Top Ten

I am trying something new out today.  At the end of every month, I am going to talk about my top 10 favorite things that happened that month, items I loved, food I ate, etc. Another window into the life of a poor psychology graduate student who tries to maintain her sanity.

1. Yoga

Thanks to Groupon, I got a great deal on unlimited fitness classes at a gym in town.  I started going to some yoga classes several times a week, and I am remembering how much I really do love yoga. Of course, I am pretty sore after each class since I haven’t worked out in years (literally…I wish this was a hyperbole but it isn’t), but I am loving it.

2. Halloween Candy

I love, love, love Halloween candy.  Tell me why are Reese’s pumpkins so superior to Reese’s peanut butter cups?  And it’s about to all go on sale…

3. Lemi-Shine

If you have hard water problem, you need Lemi-shine to use in your dishwater.  Now none of my glasses come out looking “cloudy”.  Everything is so clean

4. Short Hair

I got my hair cut this month to one of the shortest lengths I have ever had, and I love it.  So much easier to style and looks so much better on me.

5. Thesis data collection is DONE

I have gotten all my data collected for my thesis project! Now just on to analyzing it, writing it up, and presenting it.  But in less than a year, I should have my masters.

6. Cooler weather

Thank goodness for cooler weather.  No longer do I get flop sweat walking outside.  We are right in that transition period where I am not sweating and do not have to wear long underwear yet (since I get freakishly cold).  Loving it.

7. Halloween movies

Thank you ABC Family for all your holiday movie marathons.  This month I got to watch some new Halloween movies I had never seen but always wanted to like Hocus Pocus, Beetlejuice, and The Adams Family.

8. Gillian Flynn novels

I finished reading all of Gillian Flynn’s novels this month, and I have loved every one of them.  Sometimes it’s hard to get and keep my interests with books and TV, but I could not put these down.

9. Friends to complain and laugh with 

If I did not have other people to commiserate with, I am pretty sure I would lose my mind (even more than I already have).

10. Favorite Recipe this Month:

Traditional Pork Banh Mi: Who doesn’t love a good sandwich?



2 thoughts on “October Top Ten

  1. Sneha says:

    Ooo! I love this idea 🙂 You have totally made me want to go back to doing yoga and Pilates, I love Halloween and the justification to eat lots of candy, I WANT TO SEE your short hair. OMG– yay! Your done with data collection, that’s the longest part! How awesome that you are going to get your master’s degree soon! I can’t believe it! I love Vietnamese sandwiches. There are a few places that i love in Houston!

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