Cinnamon Freud: A to Z

I have been letting myself get a little too busy lately, and I feel like this blog has been pretty quiet.  Time to change that! No food at the moment, but here is a chance for me to tell you a little more about myself because I am incredibly fascinating.  Check back again soon for some new recipes!

A: Attached or Single

Single.  The most action I have gotten in a while came from a dog licking my face.

B: Best Friend?

My mom, without a doubt the person in the world I can talk to almost anything about

C: Cake or Pie

This is literally my Sophie’s choice.  I love both so very much.  Can I just have a big tub of frosting instead?

D: Day of Choice

Friday from 5:00 PM to Saturday of 5:00 PM.  Or just Saturday

E: Essential Item

My iPhone.  How could I go on if I did not have the option of playing stupid mindless games on my phone

F: Favorite Color


G: Gummy bears or worms?

I don’t discriminate. #equalityforgummyfoods

H: Hometown

Sugar Land, TX (just outside Houston) where humidity will try to suffocate you

I: Favorite Indulgence

Eating a big plate of something sweet while watching a Bravo marathon

J: January or July?

January- only because July is oppressively hot and I approach the poverty line by paying my electric bills

K: Kids

….I don’t really like them. But I do like sleeping babies.

L: Life isn’t complete without?

Doing something  you love, whether it be a job, hobby, or activity

M: Marriage Date

Stardate: 4631

N: Number of Brothers and Sisters

One younger sister

O: Oranges or apples/

Apples, apples, apples.  I eat at least one every day

P: Phobias

To be brief: death, butterflies (don’t ask), and needles/surgery

Q: Quote

“Look to the cookie” – Seinfeld.

I am real deep guys

R: Reasons to smile

A funny friend, getting to wake up without an alarm,

S: Season of choice?

Fall and the beginning of winter

T: Tag 5 people

I tag any and all of you who have read this!  I throw down the gauntlet challenge

U: Unknown fact about me

V: Vegetable

Brussels sprouts are a new favorite, but I have always loved carrots.  And onions.

W: Worst habit?

I twirl my hair all the time (and probably contribute to early baldness)

X: X-ray or ultrasound?

Both.  Web-MD panicked induced diagnosis FTW

Y: Your favorite food?

Any type of dessert, but my favorite may be Key Lime Pie

Z: Zodaic Sign

Capricorn.  Baaa (my impression of a goat).

Thanks to Abby for this idea!

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