This Summer…

Happy summer everyone!  Since today is officially the first day of summer, let’s take a short break from food to talk about summer fun.

This summer is my first summer where I am working through the summer, so it’s feeling a little different than my typical summer of lazing around all day.  Still, I am finding that I have a lot of free time and am growing a little restless.  So what do I need to do: make myself another list!

Just to make sure I get out and about and don’t spend another summer doing nothing, I am making myself a list.  Because I love checking things off lists, I am hoping this will ensure some summer fun.

Also check out my friend’s style Kelsey’s blog, Brilliantly Styled, to see me try and model!

Summer To Do List:

Celebrate Half Christmas (shindig this weekend!)

Read at least 25 books for pleasure (3 down so far!)

Learn to use my camera

Cook quinoa successfully and not repeat my first disastrous try

Make elote

Go to a drive in movie

Watch 3 summer blockbusters in theaters (1 down thanks to the gorgeous Superman)


Wear more dresses

Take a road trip

Complete a DIY craft

Go to a park

Have a picnic

Host/attend a Pot Luck

Read about new theoretical orientations & make progress on my thesis (blah, blah, boring right?)

Have more fun!

3 thoughts on “This Summer…

  1. Kelsey says:

    I can help out with a few of those… including: DIY project, drive in, blockbuster movies, quinoa (it really is a science), and your camera. Tell me when and where!

    xoxo. Kelsey

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