Apple Dessert Nachos


We all need to take a moment to process something.

I found my first gray hair last week.

Graduate school has been having some interesting effects on me.  First, I have been getting stress pimples, and my face looks like a moody adolesent.  And now it’s giving me gray hair like the elderly.  How is this fair?  In my 20’s I’m supposed to be in my glory beauty days!

There is no other answer to how to cope with this problem than to stuff my face with sweets.

I have a huge sweet tooth, and it’s soothing for me to make extravagant, detailed step by step homemade desserts from scratch.  But when I am busy or am having a gray hair crisis, I just ain’t got time for that.  At these times when I need a dessert ASAP, these dessert nachos are a perfect solution.  I can make ’em, eat ’em, and get back to watching to see what shennanigans the housewives are up to this week.

Ice cream + apples + heath bar pieces + caramel sauce = sweet tooth fix.

This is a mix and match dessert: take what you like and plop it on top of apples and ice cream. I suggest this general formula of fruit, ice cream, crunchy or chocolatey topping, and warm sauce. I also added whipped cream and a marachino cherry after I snapped my pictures, which was a great decision. Although these are nacho-like, I chose to eat this with a fork since it goes a little messy with my hands.

Plus, this is a healthy dessert because it has an apple, right? Right.

I now have to go buy gray coverup and pimple cream- life is unfair.


From Cinnamon Freud


Apple, sliced
Vanilla ice cream
Heath bar pieces
Caramel sauce, warmed
Whipped cream


Layer apple on a plate or in a bowl. Top with softened vanilla ice cream. Sprinkle heath pieces on top. Drizzle caramel sauce on top. Dollop whipped cream on top. Yes, it is that easy.


2 thoughts on “Apple Dessert Nachos

  1. Amy Tong says:

    Oh my….my hubby is in the grad school as well and he’s been counting and showing me his new found grey hairs. And guess what, he’s been asking for more sweet and desserts than ever! So, I guess he’s stressing out too. 🙂 But at least, your sweet is kinda on the healthy side. I’ll feed him some apple nachos later to see how it goes.

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