Apple Omelette

Lately I have been craving breakfast foods all day long.  Since I don’t actually eat breakfast (unless a Diet Coke counts as breakfast), I like to eat this omelette as a light lunch or as new way to spice up breakfast for dinner, which is one of the world’s best inventions.  This isn’t a traditional omelette- it’s almost more like an eggy pancake.  Either way, it’s delicious.

Also, this omelette is a perfect way for me to use up a part of an egg. Since I eat alone most days and am bored by leftovers, I am always scaling down recipes.  This means lots of recipes only need half or a fourth of an egg.  It was always a pain to try and use up the remaining egg, and I can only eat scrambled eggs so much.  This omelette is an easy way to make a yummy dish using only part of an egg.  Or if you do not have an egg remains problem, you can always use a full egg.

For any of you who are afraid making the dreaded, finicky omelettes: fear not.  Many years ago, I once made an omelette.  And I did not like it- probably because I followed the recipe instructions and didn’t cook my eggs as much as I like.  So, this omelette is not hard- the flip is a little tricky- but just make sure to cook it according to how you like your eggs.  I definitely go against the rule and like my eggs very well done.

1/4 cup milk
1/4 cup flour
1 egg
1 tablespoon granulated sugar
1 small apple, chopped
1 teaspoon melted butter, divided
In a small bowl, whisk milk and flour together.  Whisk in egg, granulated sugar, and salt.  Fold in chopped apple.
Heat small skillet over medium heat.  Brush the pan with half of the melted butter.  Pour in egg mixture and cook for 2-4 minutes.  Pour remaining butter into the pan and fllip (I do this by sliding it on to a plate which is sometimes easier).  Cook for an additional 2-3 minutes.  Serve with additional apple slices or top with a pinch of cinnamon if desired.
Serves 1.

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