With election day coming up, you often hear people say something along the lines of “If so-and-so wins, I am moving to Canada”.  Although people like this irritate me to no end (Facebook status political wars are only entertaining for so long), I support anyone’s decision to move to Canada.  Not for any political reasons but more due to proximity to poutine.
Never heard of poutine?  Get ready to have your life changed: it’s french fries (good), gravy (great), cheese (excellent) all combined together.  Now I have never had authentic poutine with real cheese curds since you have to get them shipped down to Texas, but I love this combination.  It’s salty, meaty, and cheesey.  Basically, it’s perfection.  I have very little to say for the recipe, as I am still searching for a perfect gravy recipe, but trust me on this: waffle fries make this even better.
From Cinnamon Freud
French Fries
Mushroom or Beef Gravy
Fontina or Cheese Curds
Top French fries with gravy and cheese.  Put under broiler for 2-3 minutes to melt cheese slightly.

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