Chocolate & Sprinkle Pretzel Bites

These chocolate sprinkle pretzels are a holiday tradition of ours both at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Incorporate it into your holiday festivities too, and you won’t regret it.  I have been the only one in my family to perfect the technique of dunking warm chocolate pretzels in sprinkles.  Perhaps this is because of my fabulous cooking ability, or perhaps it’s cleverness on the part of my family to avoid making these (I too have perfected the act of ignorance/inability when necessary).

To dunk these pretzels, you carefully grab the edges of warm pretzels and quickly dunk in a small bowl of sprinkles.  Then you refrigerate until hardened.  Afterward you walk around with sprinkle dots all over your hands.   For a long time, this was the height of my culinary ability, a skill that no one else could achieve.  I have become more competent in the kitchen lately, but sometimes the best desserts are the simplest.
The saltiness of the pretzels combines with the crunchiness of the sprinkles and the chocolate to form a great dessert.  The are miniature sized and easy to just pop into your mouth (and eat 10 without even realizing it).  
From Cinnamon Freud


Pretzel squares (not buttered)
Hershey kisses, unwrapped


Preheat oven to 325°F.

On a baking sheet, arrange a single layer of pretzels.  Top each pretzel with a kiss.  Bake for 2 minutes.  Fill a small bowel with sprinkles.  Only fill the bowl a little bit; you will add more sprinkles as needed while dipping.  Make sure you have enough sprinkles so that the chocolate will not stick to the bowl too much when you dip.
Carefully pick up a pretzel by the edges and quickly turn over into the bowel of sprinkles.  Pick up from edges and place on plate.  Repeat with remaining pretzels.  Refrigerate for 30 minutes.  Store in airtight container.  


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