A Few of my Favorite Things

‘Tis the holiday season, and I love it.

Somehow A Sound of Music’s famous song “Favorite Things” has gotten wrapped up in my favorite holiday season.  A Nazi resisting, musically inclined, Austrian family is obviously very similar to Christmas, right? It makes no sense I tell you! But, here is something that will make sense.  A list of my favorite food things to kick start the holiday season (because I know everyone is really interested in this).


Fruit: Plums/Cranberries
I cannot decide between my two great culinary loves.  This is my Sophie’s choice.

Vegetable: Red Onion
I add it to everything.

Protein: Turkey
Which is one reason I love Thanksgiving & Christmas.

Spice: Salt
I know, I know.  You are wondering why I listed salt as a favorite thing.  Salt is just salt, right?  Wrong. I put it on everything. Apples, frozen dinners, pizza, dessert, nuts.  Really if anything ever tastes bland, add some salt to it.  It’s a magic ingredient

Sandwich: Gyro
I had my first gyro back in September, and I am hooked.  I want to try and make one completely from scratch at home.

Drink: Diet Coke
Enough said.

Dessert: Key Lime Pie
Did you ever see that episode of Dexter where he brings all different key lime pies to his dying family friend?  It made me envy a dying woman.

Frozen Meal: Smart One Chicken Thai  Noodles
Many Foodies may turn up their nose at frozen meals, but they are my life force and help me survive

Chips: Pita Chips
For a few months, I would just eat plain pita chips for lunch every day.  And I loved it.

Holiday Treat: Chocolate Covered Cherries
A box of chocolate covered cherries is always stuffed in my stocking on Christmas morning and that box is soon empty a few days later.

Holiday Tradition: Everything!
I really tried to choose my favorite holiday tradition, but I just couldn’t because I love them all.  The holiday season is such a magical time for me.  I just love the feeling associated with this time of year.  Some of my favorite traditions include our family get together Christmas Eve, making sugar cookies, sausage cups on Christmas morning, and everything!

And one final favorite thing:

My dog Skittles who was the best dog that any family could ask for.  She communicated by yawning, loved to lay in and flatten our bushes, would shut people in the pantry, hated car rides, and was overall a little nutty. A perfect fit for our family. Without her it feels like a piece of life is missing, but she will always be loved and never forgotten.

004 (3)
And sometimes, she did not like having her picture taken.

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